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nancy pelosi is stumping for president obama's economic plan to avert what analysts warn could be a so-called financial cliff. the congresswoman from san francisco says raising taxes on high income earners has to be part of the equation. >> just to close loopholes is too low. they want it to be revenue neutral. the president made it clear the higher income people have to pay they're fair share. >> congress is negotiating with barack president obama on an agreement. president barack obama is set to become the first u.s. president to visit myanmar. the thailand the president tried to assure critics his visit is not an endorsement of the government but acknowledgment of a process that few saw coming. myanmar, firmerly known as burma, is moving towards democracy. >> just ahead, a special honor at the white house for some bay area teens. plus, hot says -- sales for the latest video to hit the market. >> more rain is ahead for the holiday week. >> leigh: leg has the forecast. >> i'm mike shumann and feelingg the raiders' pain, the saints were in pound and -- >> ama: the biggest names in musi
. ahead the aftermath of superstorm sandy. president obama took a tour of the damage today. you will get to see some of it as well. >> and we will catch up on the presidential campaign nearing the finish line now with just six days to go. mitt romney pours big bucks into some of the swing states that he may be losing. >>> i'm michael finley. ahead on 7 on your side, the frustration of automatic bill pay. >>> there is a new presidential order today. 15 minute rule for federal agencies to respond to requests for help in new jersey. residents of the jersey shore are have lost their homes and businesses to superstorm sandy. abc 7 news reporter david louie is in the newsroom now with video of the destruction. david? >> superstorm storm sandy has done an estimated $20 billion in property damage, much of it along the new jersey shore. recovery it on the mind of residents but the biggest challenge is where and how to get started. the damage is widespread. the scope of the destruction is best seen from overhead. miles of new jersey shoreline, a summer play ground for generations have been battere
>>> with just mofr than 24 hourgs to go now until votes are in, president obama has inched out to a slim advantage. the president now has a three-point lead in the popular vote over mitt romney according to latest tracking poll from abc news and washington post. abc 7 news political reporter is live at the campaign head quarters in chicago tonight. we're here in chicago is obama country about as blue as bay area here. so makes sense this is where the president will spend tomorrow fight. today he had important places to be. the president started his last day on the catch yain in wis wisms a huge crowd estimated 18,000 cheered him on. >> you know i'll fight for you as hard as i know how. you know that will happen. >> the crucial state is ohio. he and mitt romney in columbus today. the president will finish up tonight in iowa. he started his first campaign four years ago. >> we know we've got more work to do. >> for mitt romney it's a win in florida, virginia and ohio. he needs to sweep all three. he will finish up tomorrow, watching returns in boston. >> do you want real change? >> preside
got wet. >> still ahead tonight here on apc 7 news at 6:00 president obama draws the line on reducing the deficit. opinions on where that line should be drawn. >> and a measurement of the need that exists as theomq economy improves hunger in the heart of silicon valley. >> you've heard of overloading your washing machine. what about under loading? ahead on 7 on your side a machine won't do small loads. >> remember the yacht that >>> taxes and spending connecticut at the first of the year. today the president is campaigning for what he hopes will be a grand bargain for republicans in congress. >> president obama learning from his mistake, isn't asking the nation to weigh in this time around. speaking from the east room, the president's message was simple. >> we can't just cut our way across f we're serious about reducing the deficit we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. that means asking the wealthyest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> president obama made that argument a central theme of his campaign. now, he says it's up to congress to follow the will of the majori
obama during six hours around the victory then the word romney. >> there is a twin dx showing tweets about health care spiked sharply during debates, tweets about gay rights skyrocketed and people started tweeting positive things about both candidates in response to respective get out of the vote messages.. >> the twitter index was meaningful. it began to show the conversations on twitter are shaping the dialogue of the race. it's like a nationwide caucus happening. >> it breaks down voter sentiments by state. and if there is one thing sure it's this. role of social media in politics only continues to grow. >> yes. certainly. >> the nurest member of the bay area congressional delegation offered no apology for unseating a veteran incumbent. eric swalwell beat pete stark, representative. eric swalwell intern forward don gres woman ellen tousher. he does not apologize for being the rookie congressman. he admit tok overwhelmed as he won last night. >> just upgrade to give them that hard-earned victory.;t because they believe to me early. crazy and out of our minds therk believed in me. >
by the national institute for research and education. >> president obama began the national remembrance with the traditional laying of the wreath at arlington memorial ceremony. >> present arms! >> in his remarks at the tomb of the unknowns, the president said, coast, commit to sever you as well as you served us. >> new york city was the site of another parade. thousands of people lined the street office manhattan, waving flags and giving others a boost so they can see the marching soldiered. the parade was promoted as a rally for storm victims and winter coats were collected. >>> the adjustment back to civilian life can prove to be difficult but there is help for the nation's veterans. we're live with a look at what two groups are doing to make a difference. >> here at adobe systems some veterans took part in a program that helps them upgrade their military technical skills in order to get a job in the bay area high-tech industry. and across town, chronically homeless and disabled vets may soon get a permanent roof over their heads. >> former marine served a tour in iraq and one in afg
the president ahead. that persisted for weeks. tonight barack obama is the favorite. >ovcs5nk you. >> to give you an idea of where the election will be decided took at the -- take a look at the map. red ones for rom nee. pink for leaning for rom fee. there are now eight battle ground states in white. nevada, ohio, and just enough votes to sway the election. i should be a fascinate being election. >> we could have a strong indication of who the next president is going to be before election day. >> outcome could depend how well rg >> wall street prices down, dow jones dropped 139 points today off 250 for the week. nasdaq fell 37. apple took a 20 point plunge. oil stocks suffering, chevron reporting income down 33% it also sold oil and gas at lower prices over the customer. demand so far because of the economy. here is a bay area ipo that did well, restoration hardware opened trading today. it's stock shot up 30%. rh sells upscale furniture and raised $124 million by going public. >> election day may be tuesday. weekend. the outcome of the last washington skins home game predicted the winner cor
on president obama began talking about a showdown today. at closing bell, it was 185 points in the red. two bay area stock dz do well today, however. face book gained 12%. bay area home prices, home sales rather continued tojgc improve. figures below average for october but up 21% from last year. mid range and high end homes selling better resulting in the best price improvement in two and a half years. starbucks has read tea leaves and seized a growing market for tea announcing $620 million purchase of tevana. >> in a few days nintendo will unveil a gaming system that experts say can make or break the company. some hope it will make you want to buy it. >> inside of a building a select group of journalists are playing super mario brothers come here and get mushroom. >> if you grew up with this game, you think you know it, think again. mario just got more super with this controller. >> this brings a second screen into the living room. >> with the touch screen, buttons and joy sticks, game path!kyi the center piece of the system. >> here, one player uses the screen to build blocks for other play
. >> young people from an honored by michelle obama today. >> youth radio received the youth program award teaching 400 under served young adults. >> students can work on programs at youth radio. >> terrific tonight at 9:00, hope you can join me. riding a bus is simple. >> then at 11:00 thanksgiving cut short by stores hoping to get5÷qqp a jump on the season thousand they're trying to get the holiday back. >> that our report. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are our three finalists -- a high-school chemistry teacher from chasville, virginia... a high-school world-history teacher from chicago, illinois... and a high-school a.p. english teacher from montgomery, alabama... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, every i can't think of a better way to start the week than with a two-game finals ma
. >>> president obama now pondering cabinet reshove yol and republicans appear to be softening to one of the leading candidates to replace hillary clinton. abc 7 news joins with us a known bay area names. >> high on the list is finding replace manies for advisors that have given notice. the president has known secretary of treasury tim geithner and secretary of clr the door. leading candidate for clinton's job is un ambassador susan rice but republican senators vowed to fight if they got the nod. >> we'll do whatever isness troy block the nomination. >> after the election, the president fired back. >> when they go after the un ambassador, they think she's an easy target? then, they've got a problem with me. >> tonight senator mccain appears to be backing away. >> i think she deserves the opportunity to explain herself and her position. >> ambassador rice has not been nominated but the flak came after she told congress the benghazi attack was a spontaneous event. >> based on information is what they this began on was a spontaneous, not premeditated response to what transpired in cairo.
are you holding this up. >> president obama told boehner there is no deal unless to keep the tax rates go up for those earning more $250,000. >> 138 nations voted to granted the palestinian authority status as a non-member observer state. israel and united states voted against the controversial measure which could make it easier for the palestinian authority to pursue israel in international courts. palestinian president mahmoud abbas called it a last chance for a peaceful two state settlement. >> just ahead, a bay area's woman battle against cancer. >> how social media is bringing >>> traditional fund-raising usually involves something like a bake sale or auction. >> social media opened a new arena. >> it is called cloud funding and michael finney is here tonight, apparently it works. >> it really does. it is a game changer. i reported earlier about a local elementary school where they were able to raise cash by using a cloud funding site. thousands of folks are raising money from everything from making movies to paying medical bills. for one san francisco woman who is fighting cancer, i
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11